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What is "empowerment"?
Read the views and experience of some of our leaders.

Nancy Gringas

Regional Administrator and RN
Years with Infinity: 4 years

I have been a nurse for 38 years and went into homecare 22 years ago. I have been with Care America for 14 years and four years ago we partnered with Infinity. In this time, I have experienced large scale change in the home healthcare industry, in our organization, as a team leader and individually. When I began as a field nurse our role was to go into patient homes, bring equipment, provide specific care and return frequently to care for and monitor the patient’s condition. My nursing training revolved around “doing” for a patient.

At Infinity, our nurses and therapists partner with the patient to enable them to care for themselves. Sounds simple but it is a huge mind shift for both the nurse and the patient. Instead of doing all the work for the patient we instruct them on what to do and provide the equipment they need to continue their care after we leave. Continuous education is a key component of our Patient Empowerment programs. We personalize that education to take into account their environment, support from family (or lack thereof), physical and emotional state, and their goals. Not just clinical goals of maintaining a certain blood pressure or eating a particular diet or taking specific medications. Those are important, but we focus even more on helping them reach personal goals like planting a garden, walking without a cane, or playing with the grandchildren. This is fundamental to ensure patients do not feel helpless once we walk out the door and that they have the knowledge, tools and commitment to confidently manage their own care. That is what empowerment can look like for patients.

Claniece Moore

VP of Program Development and Regional Sales Manager
Years with Infinity: 2 months

I went into home care seven years ago because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of the seniors in my community. Seniors are our national treasure and somewhere along the way our country has been derailed and has bought into the lie that only the young matter. I joined Infinity because I could feel in my heart a shared mission to impact our communities, individual by individual.

Other companies I have worked with in the past had good intentions, but did not invest in the lives of their patients or employees with the same passion and vision as I have found here. In my first few weeks, I knew I had made the right choice to come to Infinity because people were listening to my ideas and providing me the tools and support I needed to put them into action. That investment of time and resources demonstrates Infinity's commitment to me. It feels amazing to be able to impact individuals and families. To me, that is what empowerment feels like.

Jeanne Seis

Executive Branch Director and Regional Sales Manager
Years with Infinity: 1 year

Our Vision – To empower people for a better life – and our Mission – We achieve empowerment through personalization, education, intervention, prevention and service – truly reflect the activities that we live each day. These statements provide a foundation for the quality work that we do and the care that we provide to each patient. I have been in home healthcare for 24 years and many of our competitors publish MVV statements that incorporate fiscal responsibility with quality care in the comfort of a patient's home. There is nothing that addresses the true mission of home healthcare and that is to empower patients to truly manage their disease states and reach their personal goals.

I believe that “empowering people for a better life” impacts our patients, their families and our employees. It represents a team of people working together to provide patients the tools they need in the daily management of their condition. It is the education provided to patients and families to understand how to prevent further health complications. It is the support we provide our employees to come to work, feel engaged and feel empowered to change people's lives. I work the MVV into each meeting with my teams and the MVV is a ruler by which all decisions are measured to ensure we are supporting the Infinity way.