Medical Directors

Executive Bios

Infinity engages medical directors as a new kind of healthcare leader. These are individuals with a range of responsibilities contributing to clinical outcomes and performance, quality improvement, operational efficiencies along with outstanding provider and patient satisfaction. Medical directors are an integral part of Infinity’s innovative patient care platform. They work as part of the Clinical Strategies Think Tank that is responsible for design, review, and quality improvement of Infinity’s specialty and chronic disease programs and protocols.

Medical Director
Klein  Dr. Aaron Klein
Kuyumjian Dr. Emie Kuyumjian
Briles Dr. James Briles
Nguyen Dr. Phuong Nguyen
Ugarte Dr. Ki Hassler
Kwan Dr. Kenneth Reiss
Medical Director
Ugarte Dr. Julio Ugarte
Shah Dr. Sanjay Shah
DeMola Dr. David Lipschitz
Ugarte Dr. Thomas Lewis
Carlson Dr. Ajit Singh
Carlson Dr. Tim Carlson